Young da Vincis

The Young da Vincis Group

MainStreet Truth or Consequences is pleased to announce a new partnership with the City of Truth or Consequences with the Young da Vincis.  The group that brings together young artists in the community who are interested in public art, beautification of our town, and learning the process behind mural design and implementation.  Through the use of Lodger’s Tax monies set aside for public art, MainStreet, the City of Truth or Consequences and the Young da Vincis are set to create a public art mural at the Lee Belle Johnson Senior Recreation Center.

Jia Apple, local artist and business owner has spear-headed the group which consists of 12 young artists from the ages of 18-30 which have expressed interest in applying their knowledge and talents for the beautification of Truth or Consequences.  Ms. Apple has provided her talents to the group to assist them in the entire process from the proposal to the City Commission, through design work and acceptance from MainStreet, along the process of painting and soon onto the final unveiling.  Ms. Apple believes that through this group she will be able “to pass along my knowledge and help these young people learn something about muraling.”  Ms. Apple is donating her time to “make our group and any project that we undertake will be a success.”

Two design proposal was presented to the MainStreet board and included themes including ecology, environment, the history of the area and metamorphosis.  The winning design was created by the “girls” team and included a teachable element to the design.

The work is almost complete and the official unveiling will take place at the Second Saturday Art Hop in August, join MainStreet and the Young da Vincis for refreshments.  For more information on the Young da Vincis or to become a sponsor for more public art donated by the Young da Vincis please contact Adriana Wolf at


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