MainStreet T or C Selected For Great Blocks on MainStreet!

New Mexico MainStreet Announces Truth or Consequences to Participate in the “Great Blocks on MainStreet” Program

Santa Fe, N.M. – New Mexico MainStreet (NMMS) announced that MainStreet Truth or Consequences and the City of Truth or Consequences have been selected to participate in the “Great Blocks on MainStreet” program. They will receive services from a team of landscape architects, architects and design professionals to redevelop a section of their MainStreet District. The program was developed to provide comprehensive design assistance to high-capacity MainStreet Districts with an economic revitalization project. Truth or Consequences will address a major redesign of three blocks within their district, beginning with an innovative and intensive redesign/public infrastructure project on Foch Street between Main Ave. and Broadway St.

The Foch Street Corridor is well-traveled and serves as a strategic connector between the Hot Springs District and the business districts of Broadway and Main. It serves as the location for the Spaceport Visitor Center, the Geronimo Trails Visitor Center, City Manager’s Office and Chamber of Commerce. The primary goal of Truth or Consequences’ Great Blocks on MainStreet project is to revitalize the district by preserving and restoring existing building storefronts, create a complete street design that includes best practices in pedestrian safety improvements, streetscape enhancements, creative placemaking opportunities, and wayfinding signage. The project area is identified as a City Right-of-Way and is in the Historic Bathhouse and Business District as registered in 1990.

“The Great Blocks on MainStreet Program is intentional and targeted in its approach to develop ‘construction-ready’ projects in MainStreet Districts to revitalize a core segment of the district to increase economic activity and attract business investment,” said New Mexico Economic Development Secretary Matt Geisel. “By participating in Great Blocks on MainStreet, Truth or Consequences will be able to invest in a vital area for redevelopment and growth in their downtown district.”

Great Blocks on MainStreet establishes partnerships with the State Program, MainStreet Truth or Consequences, the City of Truth or Consequences, property owners and business people in the business district, and stakeholder groups. A steering committee helps establish community meetings for input as schematics are developed. Onsite planning and design work will serve as a training lab for MainStreet Truth or Consequences’ Board of Directors and members in best design practices to use in other areas of the MainStreet District. As part of the project, plans and construction documents will be provided to NMMS, NMDOT, and the City of Truth or Consequences as a “shovel-ready” project.

Qualifying projects need to be on the adopted MainStreet District Master Plan or Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan. Applicants were also considered for demonstrating public and private sector support, partnerships, and preservation-based elements, as well as identified funding sources.

A program of the New Mexico Economic Development Department, New Mexico MainStreet works throughout the state to help affiliated local organizations create an economically viable business environment while preserving cultural and historic resources. New Mexico MainStreet currently serves 30 designated MainStreet Districts, 11 Arts & Cultural Districts, more than 20 Frontier Community projects, and eight Historic Theater Initiatives. For more information about New Mexico MainStreet, visit or

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