2018 Deck Of Cards

Back by poplar demand, Truth or Consequences Deck of Cards!

Fifty-four local artists created their representation of a playing card, these images were then used to create a custom-made deck.

These cards are a fantastic representation of Truth or Consequence’s amazing local artistic talent. Brought to you by MainStreet Truth or Consequences as a fundraiser for the revitalization of downtown.

The are available for sale at the MainStreet Truth or Consequences Office at 410 Main Street for $12 a deck or you can order them online HERE for $15 a deck, they can also be found at various retail locations.

The Truth or Consequences deck of cards has been created by the following local artists:


2 of Clubs

Eduardo is a Puerto Rican Artist. Born in New York, raised in Puerto Rico. He moved to New Mexico in 1999. He has a Bachelor Degree in Painting and Graphic Art from the Universidad Interamericana Recinto de San German, P.R. Owner and Director of RioBravoFineArt Gallery in Truth or Consequences NM.

3 of Clubs

Kathleen, known as Kat, has been creating art since she was a child, and studied art in Pueblo, Colorado at the University of Southern Colorado. Although she is primarily a watercolorist, her work has included the design and creation of fine furniture, blacksmithing, sculpting, woodcarving, weaving, stained glass and painting in oil, acrylic and watercolor. In recent years she has concentrated her artistry on watercolor paintings.  Kat’s work has been seen in juried shows in Colorado and Maine and featured in galleries in several states, including New Mexico where she now resides. Her paintings are hanging in private collections from Maine to California. Kat creates art in gratitude for being where she can use her surrealistic eye to portray the magical New Mexican light that draws artists from all over the world.

4 of Clubs

Chantal Elena, born 1991, is a New Mexican native who imbues her artwork with the colors and scenes of the desert, interpreted through feminine sexuality.

5 of Clubs

Cathy was born in Santa Fe and grew up in Mountainair. She is a self taught artist and has been living in Truth or Consequences since 2009. Arts in craft, “Touching the Soul”, because she figures if it touches your soul, it was meant for you.

6 of Clubs

Destiny Mitchell is a TorC local who never studied art. In fact, this is her first official piece. Though very creative, her main expressions are through her blogs and poetry, not-yet-published novellas, and using her body as an artistic canvas to sport her clothing and accessory styles, namely bright colors, mismatched socks, and kitty ears. Holding a Master’s Degree in Geography from UNM, she touts herself as a local historian and has always been drawn to the allure of the southwest, hence choosing a “Dios de la Muerta” esque theme for her card.

7 of Clubs

Jimmy and Denise Schraner are lifelong residents of T or C, both retiring from the City of T or C in 2016.  Jimmy has been welding for 40 years so making anything out of horseshoes is his favorite art and Denise has always loved creating artwork.  They enjoy traveling and participating in Arts & Crafts shows.  After a friendship of 26 years, fate and luck brought them to this point, married for 5 years and feeling very blessed to be doing the three things they enjoy: crafting, traveling and spending time together.  This is the reason their business is appropriately named “Lucky Us Crafts”

8 of Clubs

A primarily self-taught, teenage, artist who is also known as Pastel Rose online. More of her works can be found on her Instagram account( @pastel_rose_arts)

9 of Clubs

Carolyn was told she was an artist when she was 4 years old and drew a tree that didn’t look like a lollipop. She believed it. She got her first oil paints for her 7th birthday and since then has explored anything she could get her hands on. No piece of paper is safe from her.  Drawing, painting, sculpting, fashion and interior design have occupied most of her last 70 years until recently she read that “Amber has an energy liquid sunshine and ancient wisdom.” She is now passionately handcrafting unique AMBERcentric and copper jewelry with stones of compatible metaphysical energies.  She also plays autoharp and makes a mean chocolate pudding.

10 of Clubs

LyndaStar is a Gemstone Angel Artist, Crystal Wrapper, Jewelry Maker, Store Owner, Rock Hounder,
And NOW she is an Abstract Artist. She took a class at the community college years ago, in Santa Fe, and painted for a bit from 2006 to 2009. Recently she started painting again, and showing her work locally. LyndaStars’ work can be seen at her gallery, Angel Remnants, 405 and 1/2 Broadway, T or C, New Mexico

Jack of Clubs

Ann moved to Caballo in 2013 and to T or C in 2015. During her career she worked in public and school libraries and as a research librarian while serving in Peace Corp. Upon retirement from the Greenwich Public Library in Connecticut in 2002 Ann moved to the Southwest to be closer to family.  Paintings by Ann Yarmal may be viewed at the RioBravoFineArt Gallery and the Farm Market in Hillsboro. She was a Sierra Vista hospital featured artist in 2016 and is a member of the Sierra County Arts Council.  The colored pencil rendition of “The Jack of Clubs” was modeled by her sweet rescue dog, Jack

Queen of Clubs

Levi Turner is an 11 year old soccer loving boy. He splits his time between Boulder, CO and Truth or Consequences, NM. He loves puppys (especially pugs). Levi plays the trumpet and piano. He also really likes rap music – Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Juice WRLD-and playing FORTNITE. Levi also loves to read and write. His favorite book is Harry Potter. Levi has been drawing weird faces and things like that since he was 2 years old

King of Clubs

Joshua has lived in Truth or Consequences for over 20 years, he was born in San Francisco, CA in 1972 and went to college in New Hampshire. He enjoys working in a variety of mediums including acrylic stencil, spray paint and sterling silver. His loves include music, nature, friends and the pursuit of happiness.

Ace of Clubs

Ann believes that when you find the source that makes your energy move, you find the artist in your heart


2 of Diamonds

Grace is a watercolor artist with collage studies at Orange Coast College – art history and cartooning, watercolor classes at Laguna Art and Design and watercolor and drawing studies at Saddleback College. She graduated with a BFA at Art Institute of Southern California, now called Laguna College of Air and Design.  Grace grew up in Laguna Beach, California. Her passion is watercolor painting. She has been teaching art classes – all media – for over 30 years, generally one on one classes. She has also painted many murals in homes, outside buildings and inside restaurants. She is very versatile in much of the art world.  Now living in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico for 8 ½ years. Learning so much of the beauty of New Mexico and the arts with its culture. Working at Grapes Gallery, her brother, Sid Bryan owns, has given her the opportunity to meet so many wonderful artists who bring in their artwork at Grapes Gallery.  Art paintings and all other art media, can bring interesting and personal curiosity to each that view them. Also can lead to an adventure on a different road in life. Grace is very grateful for your interest in her art and the art around the world we live on.

3 of Diamonds

4 of Diamonds

Born and raised in California, Evie moved to Placitas, New Mexico 17 years ago. She first got started in beading and jewelry making in San Diego and brought her new skills to New Mexico,  where it developed into a passion. She is known for my love of bright colors and unique sense of style.

5 of Diamonds

Let talking dogs lie.

6 of Diamonds

Rebecca has been a graphic designer for over 30 years, mostly as a freelancer. During this time, she became familiar with methods of design, color theory, and repeating grid patterns. She has been a fiber artist since 1975 when she designed and crocheted clothes for herself. After taking some quilting classes, she began designing small wall hanging quilts. She utilized her graphic design skils to design geometric repeating quilt paterns. She has made over 290 quilts using a variety of shapes, colors, and embellishments. She has also designed a décor line of table runners that are cotton canvas and batik, which are featured in many galleries in the Southwest and Midwest.

7 of Diamonds

Mary dresses, creates and surrounds herself with bright, bold colors. She wires found treasures, things and glass to fences and bike wheels while also making jewelry and painting. In TorC she has discovered how much she enjoys painting murals. Mary now has over 25 murals in town, many in alley ways..

8 of Diamonds

Connie was born in Santa Fe, where she was introduced to art in the 3rd grade by a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Valencia. It never left her soul. Her parents moved to Albuquerque from Santa Fe for her junior year of high school, she graduated from Rio Grande High School. Married to Andy Baca in 1968, they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in 2018. With 3 children, and 5 grandchildren, her art had to be put on hold for awhile.  Connie and her family moved to T or C in 1969, and it was not until the 1990’s she was able to once again get back into art. She painted my first picture and received first place with my Mi Casa Su Casa Painting in 2008. She donated a copy of this painting to the Make a Wish foundation, for a young boy with cancer in 2014, and to the First Savings Bank, and in 3 weeks they raised $5,500 for this young boy.  Connie was picked be a member of the National League of American Pen Women in 2008. She sells her art presently at art shows, and at the Geronimo Springs Museum. She loves donating to the community and helping others that are struggling with her art.

9 of Diamonds

Savannah is a girl who loves having blue hair. She recently graduated from high school with straight A’s, multiple honors classes, and as a member of National Honors Society. She is currently in college majoring in radiology. Savannah has lived in T or C her whole life, and plans to move out of state in the future. She likes to be unique and not be in the norm, because life is more fun that way. Art and music have always been a part of her life, though within the past couple of years it has helped her through many obstacles.

10 of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds

Sue studied music and art in college and has kept creating while working in the legal field. Since ‘retirement’ about 10 years ago, she’s had more time and has had several solo art shows in Truth or Consequences and now shows her work at her own gallery, the Sun Gallery

Queen of Diamonds

Originally from Silver City, New Mexico, Jocelyn has worked on various fundraising projects, for example she sat in the “directors chair” for Silco theater two years in a row helping to repurpose Silver City’s historic theater.  Jocelyn primarily works with acrylic mediums. She is  currently employed bythe Sierra County and has lived in Truth or Consequences for the past nine years.

King of Diamonds

Born in San Diego, California, Susan came to Truth or Consequences when she was two. She started working for Texas International Airlines as a flight attendant in 1977 and stayed on through the acquisition of Continental Airlines and was based out of Houston, Texas, serving the airlines for thirty-seven (37) years. It was wonderful for her to be able to retire here in T or C, four years ago. After retirement she started working on a building located in historic downtown T or C, it was exciting to turn the old DMV/Forest building at 303 Main Street into a Gallery/Apartment. She named the remodeled building “303 Gallery”. She also dabbles in farming in Lower Cuchillo Creek, where her home is located.
Susan tarted working with fiber clay a couple of years ago, and found it to be perfect for working with natural materials as well as urban trash. She thinks it is fun to tap into your creativity, which she never knew could be so rewarding

Ace of Diamonds

Mary considers herself a native New Mexican, having lived in the state for more that a quarter of a century. She met and married her husband Steve Miller in Silver City where he resided and worked for more than 40 years. While living in Silver City, she became fascinated with the Native American culture, beliefs, and especially art. When visiting Truth or Consequences during Geronimo Days, she became even more fascinated with New Mexico and the Native American culture. As she watched them dance their native dances and listened to storytellers, She became more enthralled. This trip was instrumental in the decision to move to Truth or Consequences. She worked with a small group of artists who organized the very successful Silver City Art Co-op. Two years later, she opened her own gallery, “Whispering Prairies Art”. She is completely self-taught ceramist that does not use traditional techniques. She strives to maintain her individualism in creating her ceramics with the intention of creating a visual signature. After living in Silver City for twenty + years,  Mary and her husband moved (retired) permanently to Truth or Consequences area. Everything they enjoy doing is here. They love the small town surroundings, the lake, etc.; it seems that everything they like, including Native American History, is in one place. Mary found that she couldn’t stay retired and started doing ceramics again in her home. Each and every day she think of new projects she wants to try . She is proud to say that she has been successfully involved with ceramics for more than 25 years, with the last 16 of those in the Truth or Consequences, Sierra County area.
Mary’s ceramic creations, are becoming well known in the Southwest and surrounding areas.


2 of Spades

3 of Spades

Sandi lives in Palomas Canyon and is a retired College Biology Professor from Chicago. Using natural subjects or reused and natural materials, she enjoys participating in art events within Sierra County. The Free Book Exchanges display some of her creativity.

4 of Spades

Sazi has been mastering the art of making broken look beautiful since Truth or Consequences became her home over 11 years ago.  Mosaic is, yet another, perfect (if somewhat obsessive) expression of that.

5 of Spades

Robert grew up in southwest New Mexico, lived mostly in Texas, was in the Air Force, and received a BFA from Texas State University. He is a painter that also creates mixed media installations and performance art, was a member of the 500X and Plush galleries in Dallas, has exhibited in eighty-five solo and group shows throughout Texas, and in Chicago, Miami, and New York City. In Dallas, he taught adult painting classes at the creativeartscenter.org and children’s art programs for bigthought.org. Last year he returned to New Mexico

6 of Spades

Anne is an artist who works in several mediums, but mostly fabric. Her art has been shown and sold in many areas of the country and one of her quilts was published in a book by internationally known quilt artist, Gwen Marston. Anne and her husband Steve reside just outside Elephant Butte. Her work can be seen locally at Vic’s Broadway New Mexico, Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery, and the Geronimo Springs Museum.

7 of Spades

Diane was born and raised in the Buffalo NY area and moved to CA as soon as she was able. She lived in Livermore and attended Chabot College where she got an Associates Degree in Horticulture and had her son. Later in life she moved to the Harrisburg PA area. Diane has always loved NM since my first trip out west when she was 6. Her son moved to Albuquerque and she followed. He suggested T or C, as it was perfect for her. In his words, “Artists, hippies and animals.” He was so right. After coming here Diane joined with Debra Peters, Majorie Powey and Robbin Brodsky in forming Companion Animal Action Team which has provided low cost spay neuter in Sierra County since 2012

8 of Spades

Susan has painted and drawn for as long as she can remember having the opportunity to study with some amazing artists in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Southwest has always beckoned however and with her new-found love of cardboard sculpture, she has been given another avenue to pursue along with painting! She is represented by Rio Bravo Fine Art here in Truth or Consequences and Picture This Gallery in Ruidoso, NM.

9 of Spades

10 of Spades

Jack of Spades

Steph was raised as an Army brat, always moving and needing to be creative to pass the time. She started with pencil drawings and after her recent retirement, moved to birdhouses. She and her husband moved to New Mexico where her creative juices started to flow. She started to paint with acrylics, making jewelry, and in 2010, got hooked on gourds. Stef started with bowls, moving on to carving, and woodburning on gourds, then making dolls, jewelry, and animals out of gourds. She now combines clay sculpting with the gourds. “What an incredible feeling of freedom and expression. I enjoy the whimsical feeling people get when looking at my creations.”

Queen of Spades

Julia has made art since her twenties – primarily abstract landscape paintings and shrines constructed from found objects. Her inspirations are desert skies, mountains and rocks. Our Lady of Guadalupe holds special meaning and is often present in her work.

King of Spades

Born and raised in Washington, DC, Moshe Koenick spent his youth exploring museums and galleries along the National Mall. Having also been influenced by his art teacher aunt, Koenick moved into Graphic Design and Photography, studying at the Corcoran School of Art. From there, he landed a job at one of the top 10 ad agencies in the DC/Metropolitan area where he honed his abilities. Koenick’s interests range from nature to pop culture; finding beauty and humor wherever he can.

Ace of Spades

Dabbling in an eclectic mix of mediums over the course of her artistic life, Donna has eventually focused her expression in fiber art, collage and assemblage. This journey started at an early age and has been circuitous, producing a degree in Photography from the University of California Santa Cruz, and bringing her to her current home in Truth or Consequences 16 years ago. Here Donna found an artistic community which thrives on a “no-holds barred” expressiveness which fuels her creative juices and allows her a full-throttle approach to art-making. She love contributing to the Main Street Deck of Cards project



2 of Hearts

Blanch first witnessed art as a child living on the Hualapai reservation. A passing stranger sculpted a doll, from a carrot, and as the doll shriveled and molded, she became captivated by the transient nature of art. She has exhibited in over 20 group and juried shows and has work in municipal and private collections. As President of the Visual Art League in the Dallas Metroplex she curated shows, founded the Acoustic Fridays jam, and the Eric Smith Songwriting Challenge. Primarily a silversmith, she studies jewelry under Sue Gordan, Alan Revere, and Soham Harrison

3 of Hearts

Born in New York and raised in South America, Jessica Logreira was exposed in early childhood to the cultural importance of creative expression, thanks to her mom’s social activism in community arts programs. Jessica was educated in Barranquilla, Colombia and then Emerson College in Boston where she received a BA in Advertising & Public Relations with a Minor in Fine Arts.

After 25 years in a corporate career, she has relocated to TorC and is currently following the quest to re-discover her authentic self and heart’s passion for creativity by pouring herself into the Emergence Healing and Expressive Arts Center, which she owns with her husband Christopher.

4 of Hearts

Eric Fernandez moved to Truth or Consequences in 2012 to become an educator. He currently teaches creative art at the high school while spearheading a dual enrollment graphic design program for Dona Ana Community College. Eric has been involved in the local music scenes of Southern New Mexico for decades and has designed numerous posters, t-shirts, and album covers as a part of that passion. Though his work is mainly digital these days, the piece created for this project was a return to more traditional pencil and paper artwork.

5 of Hearts

Naomi Sparrow is a full time Song-Writer, Singer and Musician in her band “Moody Little Sister” as well as a Paper Machè and Block Print Artist. Born and raised in Alaska, she transplanted to Oregon in 2010, but found her true home in Truth or Consequences in 2017.
This art piece is inspired by the song “The Rooster” written and performed by ‘Moody Little Sister’

6 of Hearts

Bill was born and raised in Kansas, and moved to T or C in 1982.
The testimony of desire, willpower, focus and persistence opened a vortex of delivery where everything that had lain buried revealed much more than he expected, as skills and techniques showed up to define his personality.
Explorations within Bill’s psyche is seeing his unconventional free spirit open to masterminding the creation and indeed recovery of hidden aspects that had previously been caged to define his eclectic sense of humor.

7 of Hearts

Susan Brandt, a native of New Mexico and a long-time resident of the area, finds her art talents vary from pin and ink to graphics. While she has works in all of them including photography, it is the challenge of the ink that she enjoys the most.
Among her credits includes a printed regional coloring book and comic strips in the Midwest. However being busy with The Cobblestone she doesn’t find much time to work on her greatest challenge – the mural in her living room

8 of Hearts

Tonya Kehoe M.A. Art Education, University of Iowa.  Originally from Iowa City, IA, Tonya has been teaching 2-D studio Art and Art Appreciation at a community college for the past 15 years.
She is a McDonalds french fry enthusiast and is currently working on a body of paintings that integrate the perfectly-designed fry sleeve packaging. Her paintings are generally described as accretions; piles and layers of found information saturated with glowing glazed colors. She loves working on a large scale and is okay with ambiguous outcomes. Tonya works from her home studio in downtown Truth or Consequences

9 of Hearts

Gregory Grafwallner, new to Williamsburg. Artist in kinetic sculpture and fabric arts. 9 of diamonds…”To have…To have not” 2018

Ink on paper

10 of Hearts

After 35 years with her hands in clay, Martye is coming back to her roots to paint and print. Painting has been a part of her life for as long as she could hold a brush (which has been a very, very long time). Printmaking is new but to her is just another way to draw which, like painting, goes back to her earliest memories. There is no plan yet to give up clay. She just plan to be really busy and see how things unfold.

All of Martye’s work, no matter the medium, holds imagery in common. The greatest source of inspiration for her images are from the exquisite, funny animals, both real and imagined, on Mimbres pottery from the American Southwest. Cave paintings of France and Spain as well as stone carvings by the Inuit people of Canada are also strong influences. Martye hopes to incorporate the life and spirit of all these elements in her own work.

Jack of Hearts

Artists’ choice award winner David Laurance Packard is a conceptual artist, dancer, singer and life coach. He believes that proper sleep, high levels of cannabis intake and ketogenic nutritional choices are the most important tools in an artist’s easel. Probably best known for his collection of vintage clothing and furniture.

Queen of Hearts

Leo didn’t choose to be an artist. He felt compelled to do this work, like he was born to paint in the tradition of the Old Masters. The Old Masters are profound in their interpretations of life, and art provides a deeper, more meaningful way for him to connect with, observe, and interpret the world. In the act of creation, Leo feels connected to something greater than himself. This universal feeling transcends time and space.

Art is the divine line to God. Art is an expression of humankind and has been with us from the beginning of civilization. He believes this need for visual communication is part of a vital need to feel alive – to document life – and to be a part of the life around us. Art making provides a way of seeking truth. Art will always be with us. It is part of who we are.

King of Hearts

Delmas is an American Painter and muralist whose figurative work depicts mythological and archetypal – sometimes homoerotic – themes in a neoclassical, realist style. After graduation from high school he progressed through undergraduate work at Wichita State University, then four years in the US Air Force, a move to the East Coast, graduate work at Yale University and several years of classes in NYC at the Art Students League of New York while working as a professional musician. After a return to the West and a successful design studio in Amarillo, Texas he returned to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. His work is in the collections of a number of museums including the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History where his painting “The Three Graces” from 1978 is on permanent view] and New Mexico Museum of Art.

Ace of Hearts

Sue is a quilter, although she has been known to do other fiber arts such as the embroidered card in this deck. Her driving passion in life though is quilting which she has been involved in for over 25 years.
Sue grew up in the country in Connecticut, with over 60 acres of woods behind her house. Being around all those trees, gave her a wonderful appreciation of texture and color which she uses every day



Wendy is interested in creating a decommodified life. She was a creative director in New York City before moving to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (2006) where with her partner, Mikey Sklar, she built an off-the-grid homestead. Wendy founded the global textile repurposing nonprofit, Swap-O-Rama-Rama and authored, The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living (Storey Publishing 2013).


Likes: tacos, dogs, and the desert
Dislikes: squirrels, mustard, and jerks