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Truth or Consequences Deck of Cards

img_0688Truth or Consequences now has its own unique Deck of Cards!  Fifty-four local artists created their representation of a playing card, these images were then used to create a custom-made deck. These are a fantastic representation of Truth or Consequence’s amazing local artistic talent.  Brought to you by MainStreet Truth or Consequences as a fundraiser for the new Art Park.

The cards are available for sale at the MainStreet Truth or Consequences Office at 410 Main Street for $12 a deck or you can order them online HERE for $15 a deck.

The Truth or Consequences deck of cards has been created by the following local artists:


Wendy Tremayne2 of Clubs 

Wendy Tremayne

Wendy is interested in creating a decommodified life. She was a creative director in New York City before moving to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (2006) where with her partner, Mikey Sklar, she built an off-the-grid homestead. Wendy founded the global textile repurposing nonprofit, Swap-O-Rama-Rama and authored, The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living (Storey Publishing 2013).

three-ofclubs3 of Clubs 

Hannah Rose Schneider

Hannah is a Chicagoland transplant who has been visiting Truth or Consequences her whole life. She has always been inspired by the town so she made it her home with her fiancé over a year ago. She has enjoyed doing art her entire life as well. This piece is acrylic paint and watercolor on a raw wood board.

four-of-clubs4 of Clubs 

Sue Soaring Sun 

Sue studied music and art in college and has kept creating while working in the legal field. Since ‘retirement’ about 8 years ago, she’s had more time and has had several solo art shows in Truth or Consequences and now shows her work at her own gallery, the Sun Gallery

five-of-clubs5 of Clubs

Mary Paino

Mary is a New England native, making art in her new home of Truth or Consequences. Sometimes bold in the view of the world and often stands alone, nothing is real unless you make it. The majority is not necessarily the best leader in life. In life, we are all really on a solo journey no matter how many others we connect to or not.

six-of-clubs6 of Clubs

 Adam Sturch

seven-of-clubs7 of Clubs 

Eric Fernandez


eight-of-clubs8 of Clubs 

Katelynn Duden 

Katelynn is trying to be the girl her horse thinks she is.

nine-of-clubs9 of Clubs 

Bret Berman 

is a local polymath/artist/musician who is also known as PQ Ribber.  His works can be found, many places, online.

ten-of-clubs10 of Clubs

Mary Kinninger Walker

Color and creating has been a friend all my life. No matter how hard I try, my creations always come out a little odd. I wonder why

jack-of-clubsJack of Clubs

Linda DeMarino

Linda is a chronic doodler, especially during long, boring meetings.

queen-of-clubsQueen of Clubs

Wendy Sager Evanson

Wendy is a twenty year resident of Truth or Consequences. Her art form is movement & bodywork, and her passion is protecting and cultivating creativity. Her assistant in this project was Marli Bayer- Santos age 5 who also loves to dance & draw.

king-of-clubsKing of Clubs

Delmas Howe

Delmas is an American Painter and muralist whose figurative work depicts mythological and archetypal – sometimes homoerotic – themes in a neoclassical, realist style. After graduation from high school he progressed through undergraduate work at Wichita State University, then four years in the US Air Force, a move to the East Coast, graduate work at Yale University and several years of classes in NYC at the Art Students League of New York while working as a professional musician. After a return to the West and a successful design studio in Amarillo, Texas he returned to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. His work is in the collections of a number of museums including the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History where his painting “The Three Graces” from 1978 is on permanent view] and New Mexico Museum of Art.

ace-of-clubsAce of Clubs 

Jia Apple 

Jia is a lifelong artist, founder of the Young Da Vinci’s and co-owner of Passion Pie Cafe.


two-of-diamonds2 of Diamonds

Rebecca Speakes

Rebecca has been a graphic designer for 30 years, mostly as a freelancer. During this time, she became familiar with methods of design, color theory, and repeating grid patterns. She has been a fiber artist since 1975 when she designed and crocheted clothes for herself. After taking some quilting classes, she began designing small wall hanging quilts. She utilized her graphic design skils to design geometric repeating quilt paterns. She has made over 290 quilts using a variety of shapes, colors, and embellishments. She has also designed a décor line of table runners that are cotton canvas and batik, which are featured in many galleries in the Southwest and Midwest.

three-of-diamonds3 of Diamonds 

Martye Allen

four-of-diamonds4 of Diamonds

Cathy Caswell

Cathy was born in Santa Fe and grew up in Mountainair. She is a self taught artist and has been living in Truth or Consequences since 2009. Arts in craft, “Touching the Soul”, because she figures if it touches your soul, it was meant for you.

five-of-diamonds5 of Diamonds

Eddie Ramirez

Eddie graduated from the Omaha Commercial Art Institute and the University of Arizona. He has an art studio in Belen, NM where he specializes in Children’s Art Classes. A Vietnam veteran with the 1st Infantry Division, he has been painting and teaching for over 40 years.

six-of-diamonds6 of Diamonds

Eduardo Alicea

Eduardo is a Puerto Rican Artist. Born in New York, raised in Puerto Rico. He moved to New Mexico in 1999. He has a Bachelor Degree in Painting and Graphic Art from the Universidad Interamericana Recinto de San German, P.R. Owner and Director of RioBravoFineArt Gallery in Truth or Consequences NM.

seven-of-diamonds7 of Diamonds 

Sue Wyard

eight-of-diamonds8 of Diamonds  

James Lamoreaux

James is an artist/jeweler/jack of all trades. His gift in life is to bring happiness, joy, and love into everything that he does. He works with his hands and his heart and tries to bring joy into the lives of others. James’ inspiration comes from those around him, as he tries to emulate the feelings of those he cares for into his art. “So, it is a very personal and demanding quest for me. I do despair, in my craft and in my art. I am alone, as all artists are, confined in our perceptions of the world around us, always looking for a way out. A way to make humankind better appreciate the ‘us’ in ‘them’, a better way to communicate the human aspects of Love and Respect for one another… the arts are a bridge to the unknown parts of us that want to be coherent and decisive… to make choices based upon right thinking and upon a just foundation that we are all God’s creations.”

nine-of-diamonds9 of Diamonds 

Mary Miller

Mary considers herself a native New Mexican, having lived in the state for more that a quarter of a century. She met and married her husband Steve Miller in Silver City where he resided and worked for more than 40 years. While living in Silver City, she became fascinated with the Native American culture, beliefs, and especially art. When visiting Truth or Consequences during Geronimo Days, she became even more fascinated with New Mexico and the Native American culture. As she watched them dance their native dances and listened to storytellers, She became more enthralled. This trip was instrumental in the decision to move to Truth or Consequences. She worked with a small group of artists who organized the very successful Silver City Art Co-op. Two years later, she opened her own gallery, “Whispering Prairies Art”. She is completely self-taught ceramist, but does not use traditional techniques. She strives to maintain her individualism in creating her ceramics with the intention of creating a visual signature.

ten-of-diamonds10 of Diamonds 

Kat Wright 

Kat’s Paw ArtWorks – Kathleen, known as Kat, has been creating art since she was a child, and studied art in Pueblo, Colorado at the University of Southern Colorado. Although she is a primarily a watercolorist, her work has included the design and creation of fine furniture, blacksmithing, sculpting, woodcarving, weaving, and painting in oil and acrylic. In recent years she has concentrated her artistry on weaving and watercolor paintings. Interestingly, after Kat had a stroke that affected her left side, her need to do art was so powerful that she taught herself to be ambidextrous. Her art now reflects a more spontaneous and surreal style. Kat’s work has been seen in juried shows in Colorado and Maine and featured in galleries in several states, including New Mexico where she now resides. Kat creates art in gratitude for being where she can use her surrealistic eye to portray the magical New Mexican light that draws artists from all over the world.

jack-of-diamondsJack of Diamonds

Raquel Rojas

As a young artist, I am pleased to able to join in the creation that is the Truth or Consequences Deck of Cards. I am 14 years of age and attend Hot Springs High School. My interests include art, photography, and the local sports such as Volleyball, Basketball and Softball.

queen-of-diamondsQueen of Diamonds 

Andrew Curry

king-of-diamondsKing of Diamonds 

Andrew Martinez 

Born in a valley. Live in a town. Work in a shop.

ace-of-diamondsAce of Diamonds 

Jaswant Khalsa

 Painting joyous images of music and dance, relationship, and contemplation, Jaswant integrates figures with colorful abstracts so that the two alternately merge and emerge. Her colorful images celebrate One Light that Shines through All. Her studio is Light of the Soul, located at 411 MainStreet in Truth or Consequences, where she will exhibit on Second Saturday Art Hops. Previously, her work has been shown in Phoenix First Fridays, Scottsdale Art Walk, and Old Town Albuquerque. To connect, email her at or follow Jaswant Khalsa Studio Gallery on Facebook.


two-of-spades2 of Spades 

Kathy Rosenquist

Kathy is a self taught artist, working with an array of mediums. Her artworks have been created in sculpture, paint, metal and wood works. Kathy moved to New Mexico in 2015 but still has a home in Michigan located on the Muskegon River. Other states that she has lived in are Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin & Florida. She has exhibited in Manhattan, Santa Fe, Atlanta, Nashville and other cities in the U.S This particular 8″ by 10″ canvas as part of the “Deck of Cards” exhibit and has been created from various mixed mediums. The title of this painting is “Gold Dust”.

three-of-spades3 of Spades

Evie Bennett

Born and raised in California, I moved to Placitas, New Mexico 15 years ago. I first got started in beading and jewelry making in San Diego I brought my new skills to New Mexico and it developed into a passion. I am known for my love of bright colors and unique sense of style.

four-of-spades4 of Spades

 Kim Artman

five-of-spades5 of Spades 


six-of-spades6 of Spades 

Moshe Koenick 

 Born and raised in Washington, DC, Moshe Koenick spent his youth exploring museums and galleries along the National Mall. Having also been influenced by his art teacher aunt, Koenick moved into Graphic Design and Photography, studying at the Corcoran School of Art. From there, he landed a job at one of the top 10 ad agencies in the DC/Metropolitan area where he honed his abilities. Koenick’s interests range from nature to pop culture; finding beauty and humor wherever he can.

seven-of-spades7 of Spades 

Ed Moss 

As an artist, Ed Moss was a late starter. Although beginning to paint some 35 years ago, there never seemed to be enough time to devote to just ART. Now retired from the 9 to 5 grind, Moss is a full time artist and is devoted to continuing his self taught (by choice) art career and creative works in acrylic and mixed medium. Using a knife more than brushes, Moss is able to create a more abstracted view of the still life or landscape and enjoys rendering both subjects with the use of lots of colors to represent all the nuances of the subject matter as well as the spirit of the objects. His artwork has been and continues to be collected by private collectors in 5 states. He lives and works out of his studio in Truth or Consequences.

eight-of-spades8 of Spades 

Reva Yavanna Kementari

You can’t touch nature’s girth by feeling the earth. Not with deep pockets or a purse. But from a poet who has come unearthed. Walt Whitman came to see me last night. I knew then it would be all right. In my world he can be heard the proof is found in his kind words. “You will be filled from your emptiness by my gentle kiss and my fresh caress.” Who but a poet can work these wonders. No one I know can hear the thunder.

nine-of-spades9 of Spades

DeeJay Knowlton

DeeJay was born and raised in Minnesota and spent her working years in Minneapolis as an accounting clerk. She worked for 17 years at Honeywell and 2 years at General Mills Corporate office. After retiring in 2000, she and her husband, Gregg, sold all their worldly possessions and bought an RV and toured the country for a few years. They got to Truth or Consequences in 2005, got pulled into the “vortex” and never left. DeeJay has been involved with the Bountiful Alliance, focused on recycling and helped start recycling in Truth or Consequences. A few years ago, she began a new hobby of creating decorative concrete stepping stones with stained glass designs.

ten-of-spades10 of Spades 

Olin B. West

Let talking dogs lie.

jack-of-spadesJack of Spades

Rey Franco

 After living in Portland, Oregon for 20 years, Rey finally decided to come on out of the rain and retire here. His first decade here, he dabbled in art, writing, and acting with the Truth or Consequences theater, then 10 years ago, he stopped. His life consists of reading books, watching DVDs, listening to jazz CDs and going for long daily walks. It was not enough. When he learned about this project, he decided to get back into the race. He is 81 years old and has a lot of ideas still. He has picked up his pens and is currently at his drawing board. Wish him luck.

queen-of-spadesQueen of Spades 

Leo Neufeld

king-of-spadesKing of Spades 

Bill Jacka

ace-of-spadesAce of Spades

 Dennis Hoy


two-of-hearts2 of Hearts 

Candy Michalski 

Candy moved to Truth or Consequences 9 years ago. Her husband , Bob, built her studio in our back yard. She has been doing stained glass for about 20 years. with pieces at Geronimo Museum, Martha’s Gifts, Bosque del Apache, and New Mexico Magazine has featured and sold pieces in their magazine store. She has also been featured in Glass Patterns Quarterly, a national glass magazine, won many awards, have shipped pieces to almost every state and even to Austria. Andy has created many of her own designs and commissioned pieces. She use to do many shows , but since the accident and numerous surgeries she has limited all sales to her web site, www. and in home sales. The piece donated for the 54 card fund raiser is an original design.

three-of-hearts3 of Hearts 

Grace Bryan

four-of-hearts4 of Hearts 

Julia Masaoka

Julia has made art since her twenties – primarily abstract landscape paintings and shrines constructed from found objects. Her inspirations are desert skies, mountains and rocks. Our Lady of Guadalupe holds special meaning and is often present in her work.

five-of-hearts5 of Hearts 

Blair Wyman

After a short and largely unsuccessful stint studying studio art at the University of Iowa, Blair Wyman acquired an extensive education in the highly marketable field of art history. He is happy to discuss the similar elements found in the Corded Ware Culture and the Battle Axe Culture, the influence of the Etruscans on proto-Romans, or why the image of the sacred heart is anachronistically super-imposed over the final stage of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Blair lives in Truth or Consequences with his wife, Linda DeMarino, and four-legged kids, Kiska and Gary.

six-of-hearts6 of Hearts 

Robert Chavez

Robert the 2nd of 6 children, is a life-long resident of New Mexico. His interest in the arts stems for an incident that occurred when he was only 6. One afternoon during a storm, he and his siblings were quite bored, unable to go outside to play. His mother’s quick thinking saved the day as she showed them how to make clay out of bread, glue, and food color. Imagine Robert’s awe as she turned that lump of clay into beautiful, lifelike roses! Since then, Robert has tried various forms of mediums, from drawing, woodworking, spray painting, wood burning, cake decorating, bead art, photography, digital manipulation, and his all-time favorite- clay sculpting! His art using comprises an element of fluidity, serenity, or nostalgia. Robert’s outlook is that anything can be turned into art with a little imagination. He currently works in the financial industry in the community of Truth or Consequences, bu uses some of his free time seeking relaxation through his art. Robert dreams of taking his art into the film industry or to theatrical stages and to have a world famous exhibit.

seven-of-hearts7 of Hearts 

Anne Dimit-Buckley

Anne is an artist who works in several mediums, but mostly fabric.  Her art has been shown and sold in many areas of the country and one of her quilts was published in a book by internationally known quilt artist, Gwen Marston. Anne and her husband Steve reside just outside Elephant Butte. Her work can be seen locally at Vic’s Broadway New Mexico, Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery, and the Geronimo Springs Museum.

eight-of-hearts8 of Hearts 

Susan Noreen 

I have painted and drawn forever, and studied with some amazing artists in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Southwest has always beckoned however and with my new found cardboard sculpture, has given me another avenue to pursue along with painting! I am represented by Rio Bravo Fine Art here in Truth or Consequences and Picture This Gallery in Ruidoso, NM.

nine-of-hearts9 of Hearts 

Jessica Murphy

Jessica is a local farmer and volunteer with Bountiful Babies. She’s passionate about living the good life, parenting her children as well as she can, local food, and being part of her community. She has lived in New Mexico almost all of her life and loves living in Sierra County.

ten-of-hearts10 of Hearts 

Stef Ross

Stef was raised as an Army brat, always moving and needing to be creative to pass the time. She started with pencil drawings and after her recent retirement, moved to birdhouses. She and her husband moved to New Mexico where her creative juices started to flow. She started to paint with acrylics, making jewelry, and in 2010, got hooked on gourds. Stef started with bowls, moving on to carving, and woodburning on gourds, then making dolls, jewelry, and animals out of gourds. She now combines clay sculpting with the gourds. “What an incredible feeling of freedom and expression. I enjoy the whimsical feeling people get when looking at my creations.”

jack-of-heartsJack of Hearts

Jocelyn Paulette Holguin

 Originally from Silver City, New Mexico, Jocelyn has worked on various fundraising projects, “directors chairs” for Silco theater two years in a row, to help the repurpose of the old theater, in Silver City as an example. Primary work are in acrylic mediums. It’s currently employed by the County of Sierra. Has lived in  Truth or Consequences for the past seven years.


queen-of-heartsQueen of Hearts 

Chantal Elena

 Chantal Elena, born 1991, is a New Mexican native who imbues her artwork with the colors and scenes of the desert, interpreted through feminine sexuality.

king-of-heartsKing of Hearts

Ann Sage

Ann believes that when you find the source that makes your energy move, you find the artist in your heart

ace-of-heartsAce of Hearts

 Joshua Frankel 

Joshua has lived in Truth or Consequences for the last 20 years, he was born in San Francisco, CA in 1972 and went to college in New Hampshire.  He enjoys working in a variety of mediums including acrylic stencil, spray paint and sterling silver.  His loves include music, nature, friends and the pursuit of  happiness.



Flo Hosa Dougherty

Flo Hosa Dougherty’s art production has the label of fine and fun art which ranges from realism to non-objective in oil, acrylics, gouache, watercolor, or mixed media. During a 30 year art department chairperson career at a large high school in Ohio, she also was active in the promotion of area, state, and national events as well as in the local community activities. Since making her home in N.M., Flo has operated the Blue Gate Gallery in Las Cruces for years and continues to participate in exhibits and juried shows with success. She recently was invited to have a retrospective of 46 works at the Butler Institute of American Art.


 Donna Monroe


Personalize a Brick for the Healing Waters Plaza!

You can still personalize a brick for the Healing Water’s Plaza! Print and fill out the form below.


Deck of Cards Fundraiser – Call for Artists!!

MainStreet Truth or Consequences is putting out a Call for Artists… 52 to be exact!

As a fundraiser to benefit the soon-to-be Art Park, MainStreet is reaching out to artists to create a piece for our Deck of Cards Fundraiser. Each artist will choose a card from a traditional deck of cards and create a piece to represent that card. Pieces will then be donated to MainStreet where the images will be captured and submitted to create a unique one-of-a-kind deck of cards. Decks of cards with art from the talented artists of Sierra County will be available for purchase in various businesses and the originals will be sold at events later this year. Artists will receive a portion of the sale when the piece is sold.
Those wishing to participate should come to 410 Main Street M-F 8:30am – 5:00pm to pick a card by August 10th.

Pieces are due back by Friday, September 23rd.

For more information, call Linda at 575-740-6180.