Hot Springs Festival

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May 12-14 2017

Lineup of next year’s events coming soon!

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Join Us!

Friday, May 13th – Afternoon and Evening

Yoga- Shake Your Asana with Sazi A fun Vinyasa Flow – All Levels

Clothing Swap- Join in the communal process of reuse. You are invited to participate in a TorC clothing swap. Before you attend the swap take time to clean out your closets. Bring a little or a lot, whatever you got!
Here’s a few tips on what to bring…
* clothes you bought and never wore
* small stuff you bought while thinking “I’ll fit into this one day”
* tragic shopping mistakes
* well worn and loved items that have exceeded their stay in the closet
* unloved gifts that you held on to out of obligation
Bring: Clothes in season: jackets, wallets, hats, pants,shirts, skirts, shoes, gloves, belts, accessories, jewelry, sunglasses, bags, costumes, lingerie, pjs etc. Only clothes please!
Do Not Bring: books, bikes, vases, lamps etc… If you can’t wear it, don’t bring it!
Quantity is not important. Come with a little or a lot, whatever you got.
This event is for boys, girls, men, women.


Field Trip to the Crystal Labyrinth in Animas Creek BUY TICKETS

Keynote- “T or C- Hot Spring Spa Town- Ancient Mineral Waters Hosted in Contemporary Times” by Janet Abbott, President Balneology Association of North America- Janet Abbott has studied, practiced and taught four decades with integrative health/wellness systems in the US. Her interest in Geothermal Mineral Waters spans over sixteen years with research in the US and Mexico. She founded Spa Waters of Texas in 2000 for survey, overview and recommendations for geothermal direct use in Texas to stimulate a former enthusiasm of geothermal mineral water spas. The model expanded to Spa Waters of the America to include North America’s geothermal mineral waters as resources for centuries old water seeking pilgrimage for many people for wellness.  In 2009 she joined, as a founding member, the Balneology Association of North America (BANA) to continue with a working group of mineral water experts to further the art and science of baths ad bathing for wellness. She has served as Treasurer and is the current President of BANA.

Vendor/Sponsor Reception

Welcome Dance featuring the New World Drummers BUY TICKETS

Saturday, May 14th

Music Schedule

Azaima Anderson
Phydeaux 3
Rob Carey
Cactus Tractor
Elise Brianne
Double Clutchers
New World Drummers

 Vendors from 10am-8pm

8-9 Wake Up and Let Go with Melissa Mckinstry- Twist and stretch from head to toe in this gentle class, let go and prepare for a new day. All Levels
11-12 Kind Yoga With Barbara Hill- All Levels
1-2  Yoga Pilates Fusion with Victoria, Owner Of Bend it Like Buddha in Albuquerque – All Levels
3-4  Kind Yoga, Barbara Hill – 
All Levels

Authors Corner: A opportunity to connect with local authors as they talk informally about their books and the stories behind them.
10:00 Claudette Ortiz Franzoy, Common Ground
11:00 Stan Thompson, Troth and Rapture – 400 Sonnets; Sonnets of Life Well Spent
2:00 Sherry Fletcher and Cindy Carpenter, Truth or Consequences – history
3:00 Doug “Ten” Rose, Fearless Puppy on American Road
4:00 Catherine Wanek, The Hybrid House: Designing with Sun, Wind, Water, and Earth; The Art of Natural Building: Design, Construction, Resources;  The New Straw Bale Home

Workshops and presentations:

Canine Yoga and Calming Signals (Relaxation Training for Your Dog) by Tamra Temple – This presentation is a condensed version of a week-end long seminar that covers canine body language, massage, anatomy and physiology, canine yoga and nutrition.
Participants will learn:
• some of the signals dogs use the world over to say “I mean no harm,” “let’s chill out,” “you’re playing too rough” or “I just want to be left alone.”
• why training those same signals as default behaviors, readily available in times of stress, has the same effect as practicing yoga, which gives the body a default calmness in contrast to just saying, “calm down” when someone is highly stressed and has never practiced relaxation exercises.
• A relaxtion protocol that is key to calming fearful, reactive dogs and excellent as a foundation for all dogs and puppies
Once your dog is practicing “Doggy Yoga,” and/or the Relaxation Protocol, your relationship as well as his or her demeanor and overall well-being is enhanced..
“the Relaxation Protocol has been wonderful for our dog. Sophie is a rescue, very fearful and reactive. Tamra’s work with her is amazingly effective. Sophie loves the calm praise, and she really visibly relaxes. A great program!” ~ Barbara Bennett
Tamra Temple, owner of Service Dog Mentors, LLC and is a trained naturopath (N.D.) and Florida LMT who owned and operated the first state licensed school for massage therapy in the state of PA. Her work with the disabled in service dog training and with fearful, reactive, and aggressive dogs always begins with a foundation of relaxation and fun for the dogs.

Weaving with Caroline Kral – Learn how to warp an inkle loom & Navajo style loom, about the art of using cards to create patterns in weaving & the history of weaving in New Mexico. Explore pattern designing and colors from different traditional cultures. All ages welcome!
From Philadelphia, PA. Caroline brings her background in the creative arts into the age old craft of weaving. She has a business degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and years of travel and learning with organic farming and natural building.

Seedballs For Kids! By Wildflowers Art From the Start

Still point in CranioSacral Therapy with Cydney Wilkes – When our craniosacral rhythm comes to a gentle stop, the marvels of internal healing and self-correction can occur. Affecting many aspects of our bodies, a still point can help regulate fluid forces, like blood pressure and edema. Fascia can resume its naturally flexible state, allowing for more ideal alignment, and in turn, easing chronic pain, headaches, migraines. Stress responses may move closer to neutral, from fight/flight/freeze to rest and digest. In this workshop, we will discuss basic foundations of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy and practice “blending and melding,” a way of touch that facilitates client-directed healing. We’ll tune into the craniosacral rhythm, “listen” to its qualities and learn how to bring the rhythm to a therapeutic pause, that is, to a still point.  Open to all. Wear comfortable clothing. We will practice on each other on massage tables.
A CranioSacral practitioner since 1998, Cydney Wilkes, LMT, CST, relocated to Truth or Consequences five years ago. Drawn to the climate and landscape of New Mexico, she was invited to be a part of Integrative Intentions and currently serves as Clinic Director and resident therapist. Cydney is Technics Certified and has trained to advanced levels of CST. Upholding the principles of Dr. John Upledger, Integrative Intentions has recently earned status as an Upledger Affiliated Clinic, the first endorsed clinic worldwide. Cydney earned her massage therapy degree in Portland, Oregon in 2001 and worked in a chiropractic office for nine years. Originally from Georgia, her early education included engineering and theater studies before starting a dance career in New York City. Part of the Downtown Dance community for 20 years, she created over 40 works as well as performed in peer companies. She continued her choreographic and performing work in Portland for another 11 years. It was there her work evolved from stage-based to site-specific, which remains her interest today. Cydney is also co-owner of Rocket Inn, a local, fully restored motor lodge.

History of Healing in Truth or Consequences by Sherry Fletcher- Early history of Hot Water and Palomas Hot Springs, New Mexico. First hand historic documents and accounts of the healing properties of the Waters. Sherry is a long time resident of Sierra County. Graduate from NMSU. Author, educator and land owner in Sierra County.

Practical Aromatherapy by Jeannie Nichols – Jeannie will share information on how to use oils in everyday life through Practical Aromatherapy by offer you to experience the highest quality oils known so you may utilize these in your everyday life situations. Jeannie promotes mindfully replacing known toxic substances with healthier lifestyle choices.
Jeannie Nichols has lived in New Mexico since 2001 and on High Desert Raindrop Ranch near Tularosa, Nm since 2008. This is also the year she began training in the practical use of essential oils for Aromatherapy. Now as a Board Certified Raindrop Specialist and a Certified CARE Instructor she uses this knowledge as an educator providing continuing education as an Approved Provider and practitioner to train and assist others. The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (CARE) is an approved provider or National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) and Board Certified Raindrop Specialist (BCRS) is a National Therapy Certification Board Accreditation.

Using Local Herbs as Medicine by Yarrow Dankert – Powerpoint presentation of  local herbs and a discussion of their uses. How to make medicine in tincture, tea, food & poultice forms.
Yarrow is a Certified Clinical Herbalist graduated from Southwest School of Botanical Medicine of Michael Moore. Herbal products & practice since 1999. Lifetime Physiology Study.

The European Approach to Taking the Waters by Dr. Joann Love- Dr. Love has been practicing physician for 33 years and considers herself a preventative medicine doctor.  She believes in and tries to work with the body’s natural healing ability. She has owned a hot springs bathhouse in truth or consequences since 2001.  The final part of the renovation will be completed in a few months and Hot Springs wellness spa will open.

Healing Springs: The Importance to the Apaches by Christopher D. Adams Zone Archaeologist, Black Range & Wilderness Ranger Districts  – As an archaeologist, I have learned a great deal from working with Tribal Elders here in the American Southwest.  They bring meaningful insight and continue to adhere to traditional beliefs and custom. Some knowledge is not printed in books but is carried on in oral traditions.  I will share some of the traditional uses that I have witnessed in my 28 years of archaeology/cultural interactions with a variety of Native American groups.
Christopher Adams has been with the Gila National Forest Heritage Program for nine years and wit the U.S. Forest Service for 19 years as a professional archaeologist. Mr. Adams has been working in archaeology for well over 28 years in both the private sector as well as with the U.S. Forest Service.  Mr. Adams has had the opportunity to work with Native groups and/or Tribal Elders.

Hybrid Home: Energy-Saving Ideas for Sustainable Homes by Catherine Wanek Learn about sustainable design strategies including passive heating and cooling, natural building materials (straw bales, clay plasters, earthen floors, local lumber, etc.), and rainwater harvesting. Books and DVDs will be available for purchase.
Catherine Wanek, owner of the Black Range Lodge, is the author and photographer of The Hybrid House, Designing with Sun, Wind, Water and Earth, winner of the NM Press Woman’s Zia Award.  She also wrote and photographed The New Straw Bale Home and co-edited The Art of Natural Building. 

Henna Tattoos  For Kids!  By Wildflowers Art From the Start

Tai Chi and Readings from I Ching by Rod and Amy Sorrell – You will learn some basic moves and the principles of Tai Chi. There will also be copies of our book “An idiots guide to the I Ching” and we will show you how to consult this ancient oracle.
Amy and Rod have studied Easterrn Philosophy and Healing Techniques for many years. They have their own Tai Chi and Counseling Center at 204 West Riverside and are both E.F.T. Practitioners.

Rhythmic Healing: Drum Workshop & Dance Workshop with The New World Dummers – The New World Drummers is a non-profit Community Arts in Education Organization. New World Drummers and Dancers (NWD&D) are a drum, dance and song Ensemble formed by Karuna and Marie Warren in Las Cruces, New Mexico in 1995. Karuna and Marie have taught, presented and sponsored African, Latin & Caribbean Drum and Dance Workshops and classes at schools, community and dance centers throughout Southwest, New Mexico since 1992.

The Ins and Outs, Ups and Downs, Pros and Cons of Solar by George Szigeti – An informal discussion on using solar power in a residential or small commercial facility. Workshop will focus on answering questions, and looking at aspects of solar power that may not be discussed by equipment providers.
George is a retired employee of the Dept of Defense, with a MS in Geological Engineering. He is Chairman of the T or C Public Utilities Advisory Board, and the first person to interconnect a residential solar system to the City’s electric system.

Worm Casting with Rand Berger-  This presentation will be focused on providing serious gardeners and food plant producers with an understanding of practical composting methods and making effective natural fertilizers for growing healthy plants in the Southwest. Included are sources for composting materials, vermicomposting (earthworm farming) and other sustainable practices that provide a bountiful harvest of nutritious produce.
Rand is a native New Mexican gardening for 40 plus years – organically since 1972.

Flute for the Journey by Flute Maker/Player Ingrid Burg – In this presentation Ingrid will explain and demonstrate traditional designs and her unique designs of the bamboo flute. The flutes are tuned to the bottom note which corresponds to a specific chakra. Each individual flute holds mediation and healing for the player as well as the listener, as the music and the breath moves energy in the body.The flute sizes range through 3 octaves and include many scales from all over the world. Bamboo is a renewable resource used by flute players since the beginning of man’s time on earth.
Ingrid Burg has been making and playing bamboo flutes since 1970. Her intention with the flutes is to reawaken that part of every person that longs to be attuned with their own creativity. She has a MS in Community Health Education, and has most recently brought the healing sounds of the flutes to a local hospital through the University of New Mexico Arts in Medicine program. She has lived, taught and make flutes in New Mexico for 40 years. She teaches people techniques for using music and using music and breath to aid in stress relief and reconnect with their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Central to her method is the blending of physiology, vibrations, concentration and expression. Through the years of playing and making she has developed an exceptional gift to help individual select the flute that can most effectively aid in their personal growth and healing. Ingrid Burg has recently moved to Truth or Consequences, NM.

Untame Yourself by Rev. Azaima Anderson BUY TICKETS Claim your voice with Rev. Azaima Anderson. Unlearn the shoulds. Align with what’s right for you. Move forward on purpose. This workshop offers ways to identify how you’ve been stuck or corralled into thinking and behaving. We’ll clear some of those beliefs so that you can live more authentically. The world needs you. Learn how to get out of your own way so that you can make your unique contribution.
Azaima Anderson is a performing songwriter and healing artist. Her own journey toward wellness exposed her to traditions she has since integrated into her professional practice. These include astrology, shamanism, yoga, meditation and retreats. She is the creator of Heart Lightning, a method to quickly remove emotional and mental blocks.

Bless the Water Concert, Qigong Sound Healing and Kombucha Tasting

Other Activities:
Therapy Tent- Massage/Reiki/Reflexology

Portraits by Acclaimed Artist Leo Neufeld

Art in Adobe – Horno Building and Demonstration with Francisco “Pancho” Ochoa – Hands on adobe building workshop/ presentation

Hot Springs Tours- Departing from Spaceport Visitor Center at 10:00am and 4:00pm, each tour will take a tour of downtown Truth or Consequences visiting the Hot Springs locations. Each tour should be between 1.5 and 2 hours long. Tourists will have about 10-15 minutes at each facility, to talk with staff and view tubs, rooms, courtyards, etc depending upon availability of each spa. The tour guide will supply historical information on the buildings and businesses as well as current amenities and maybe even personal favorites. First come first serve basis, additional tours may be added based on demand.


Field Trip to the Crystal Labyrinth in Animas Creek BUY TICKETS 

Scavenger Hunt- A fun chance to win amazing prizes, while touring all of the Hot Springs! Pick up a list of clues to solve at La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa Courtyard by the Office 9am – 6pm. Participants should pickup “Clues List” discover the answers and once completed return to La Paloma Scavenger desk with top completed with name and phone number written legibly before 6pm on Saturday. The participants that turn in all correct answers will be entered into a drawing to win an amazing Hot Springs Getaway. Drawing winners will be announced from the Music Stage at the Festival Grounds at 7pm, winner does not need to be present.

First Prize -Hot Springs Getaway – Includes an overnight stay at your choice of location, choose from : La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa, Blackstone Hot Springs, Charles Motel & Hot Springs Spa or The Pelican Spa. Dinner for two up to $75 (dine in or out) at BellaLuca Cafe Italiana, and two 60 minute Ashiatsu Barefoot Massages from Sazi at 7he Center.

Second Prize – 2 soak passes from each of the following bathhouses:
Charles Hot Springs Spa
La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa
Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa
Blackstone Hot Springs Wet Room
The Pelican Spa

Raffle for Overnight Stays, Hot Spring Soaks & Massages

Second Saturday Art Hop 6-9pm

Sunday, May 15th

Healing Waters Trail Hike

Yoga- Wake Up and Let Go with Melissa McKinstry – Twist and stretch from head to toe in this gentle class, let go and prepare for a new day. All Levels


Field Trip to the Crystal Labyrinth in Animas Creek BUY TICKETS

Community Breakfast with music by Haruhuani Spruce BUY TICKETS

Keynote Speaker- Stormwater Harvesting and Conservation by Van Clothier of Stream Dynamics, Inc.  A presentation showing how to use simple rainwater harvesting techniques to easily turn nuisance stormwater into a resource. Water conservation is a very important part of sustainability in the desert southwest, and water harvesting is an effective and legal way to help solve our water resource problems.  Beautiful color photographs of water flowing into landscaped basins, and clear examples showing  design and construction techniques will be presented. Truth or Consequences has a chronic flooding problem in the downtown area that is a traffic hazard and also causes damage to the buildings.  Find out how people in this community can take advantage of stormwater by causing it to soak into the ground before it goes down the streets and becomes a nuisance for the downtown area. Stream Dynamics has been doing watershed restoration and rainwater harvesting for 16 years, and has a very large ongoing water harvesting project in our home town of Silver City, which is kind of a sister city to T or C. The presentation will discuss the theory and practice of water harvesting, and be followed by a question and answer period so that you will have the opportunity to discuss your water resource questions with a regional expert. An optional 30 minute walking tour of the downtown watershed illustrating many water harvesting opportunities will be after the talk.
The problem: Flooding downtown The Solution: free water for parks and gardens!
Van Clothier graduated from the University of California at San Diego in 1982 with a degree in physics. His firm, Stream Dynamics, Inc., specializes in turning runoff and erosion problems into water harvesting opportunities with water harvesting earth works, urban stormwater retrofits, and riparian and wetland restoration in both urban and wildland settings.
Van has worked extensively in New Mexico, Arizona, and Sonora on a variety of water harvesting and stream restoration projects. He has completed the River Restoration and Natural Channel Design stream restoration course schedule taught by Dr. Dave Rosgen. He is the co-author with Bill Zeedyk of a book called Let the Water Do the Work: Induced Meandering, an Evolving Method for Restoring Incised Channels, published November, 2009. He received his Water Harvesting Certification from Watershed Management Group in 2011. In 2013 he taught a course to 30 New Mexico State Department of Transportation road engineers called Integrating Stream Restoration Principles & Transportation Maintenance.
Recent projects include designing water harvesting stormwater retrofits for the Cities of Santa Fe and Silver City, restoring a very large ciénega (desert marsh) in the boot heel of New Mexico, building a wetland at the entrance to Ruidoso High School, and restoring many wetlands in the famous Valles Caldera of Northern New Mexico.
Understanding the dynamics of stormwater management is often obscured by fancy software modeling and over-engineered design. There is sometimes a disconnect between what people see when we look at a grassy swale and our stormwater management plans that quickly drain away any water as if it were not . . . water – our most valuable resource! Stream Dynamics uses a holistic and intuitive approach that creates the most cost-effective, efficient and beautiful results. Learn the basic principles for putting urban stormwater runoff to beneficial use for healthy communities in a way that is both economically and ecologically sustainable.

Yoga- 108 Sun Salutations with Sazi- A moving meditation – At your own pace – All Levels
Field Trip to Kingston’s Black Range Lodge Open House – BUY TICKETS Author Catherine Wanek’s  Historic Bed and Breakfast, Inn and Center for Healthy Living and Learning- Tour eco-friendly buildings, including a “hobbit house,” a straw-bale greenhouse and chicken coop, a natural classroom and a modern 2-story straw-bale home (featured in the New York Times and on Amazing Vacation Homes.)  Once a hotel for miners and cavalry, the historic Black Range Lodge is currently a bed and breakfast, Inn and a center for healthy living and learning, offering therapeutic massage and edifying events. Gary Harvell, spa director, is a licensed massage therapist and instructor with more than 20 years of experience.Upcoming events include a Songwriter’s Intensive, a Writers’ Retreat, an English Immersion Camp, a Yoga/Meditation Retreat and an Acoustic Music Camp.

Most events are free. Some will charge a nominal fee.
Please note, the schedule is subject to change.

Due to circumstances beyond our control the Sound & Vibrational Healing and Medicine from the Kitchen Presentations have been cancelled. We are so sorry for any inconvenience.

New Mexico True Hot Springs Festival Experience

  • Soak for two at La Paloma Hot Springs.
  • Two tickets to dance May 13, 2016
  • Healing Waters Trail guided hike for two
  • Sixty-minute couples massage at local hotel
  • Guided local hotel tour and scavenger hunt
  • Dinner for two at local restaurant featuring a New Mexico True dish
  • Two tickets to either keynote speaker breakfast or two tickets to “The European Approach to Taking the Waters” presentation

To purchase this package call 575-740-6180. Subject to availability.

Hot Springs Festival in Truth or Consequences NM - May 13, 2016